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Audi RS6






Mythos Black






2 stage paint correction, ceramic coating, wheel coating, interior protection


Deep clean and chemical decontamination, dent removal, 2 stage paint correction, ceramic coating, wheel refurbishment & coating, interior protection.

The Process


We started by giving the RS6 a deep clean and chemical decontamination to remove dirt, tar and iron deposits from the paintwork. Following this we used a medium clay bar to remove the remaining contamination off the paint, in preparation for polishing.

Our studio lighting highlights all of the swirl marks and imperfections in the paintwork, providing a full picture of the condition and what level of enhancement is required. Following our inspection, it was decided that a 2 stage paint correction was required to achieve the desired finish.

Before the polishing could begin we had all the minor parking dents removed from each side.


A 2-stage paint correction removes up to 80% of the swirl marks and imperfections found in the paintwork. Starting with a heavy cut polish and head, then refining the surface with a finer grade of polish using a softer polishing head to achieve a high gloss finish. Due to the harder lacquer on the Audi, this process took slightly longer for us to achieve the standard we were looking for on this vehicle. However, after 3 full days of polishing, we had restored the stunning metallic black, arguably to a higher standard than when it left the original dealer in 2014! The results speak for themselves, revealing a stunning mix of green and purple flecks within the paint.


Now the preparation is complete, ready for a ceramic coating to be applied. We opted for the GYEON Q2 Synchro Evo. This coating protects the freshly polished surface from light swirl marks, contamination build up and road grime plus leaving a super high gloss and slick finish. With regular and correct maintenance this ceramic coating will protect the paint for many years to come. Finally the wheel arches were also tidied up and dressed along with the tyres, completely transforming the entire look of the car.

The diamond-cut wheels were damaged, so whilst the vehicle was with us they were sent off for refurbishment. Once refinished, the wheels were ceramic coated to protect them and aid easy cleaning.

The owner also requested that the interior to be cleaned and coated, this prevents any contaminants from touching the interior surfaces. Interior cleaners were used to restore the appearance of the interior and remove any shine from the leather, following this a coating was applied to prevent the build up of contaminants in the future.

The Results

Following this extensive enhancement the deep fleck in the paint was brought out and a high level of gloss restored. Upon handover to Ian, he was delighted at the results.

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