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Vehicle Enhancement

It’s no secret, vehicle paintwork in the UK leads a tough life. Harsh winters, salt spreading, deposits from trees, brakes, tar and general road grime accumulate on the surface.
Prices Starting From: £870

What's Included

When the car is washed these contaminants cause swirl marks and scratches, which is why our enhancement service restores the paint back to its absolute best.

  • Our full multi stage wash and decontamination of exterior bodywork
  • Our single stage machine polish – 8 hours
  • Interior clean and protection
  • 5 year GYEON ceramic coating
  • Wheel sealant applied to wheel faces
  • Windscreen and side windows glass sealant applied. Gyeon Quick View



Optional Extras

  • Upgrade paintwork to Gyeon Infinite ceramic coating (lifetime warranty*) £97
  • Upgrade to wheels off clean with wheel barrels coated £77



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